Die Vermessung der Welt

Measuring the world
In January 2012 we finished the shooting of „Measuring the world“ in Ecuador, the new film of Detlev Buck, produced by Boje Buck Produktion and Lotus Film.
An imaginative comedy about Alexander von Humboldt, who traveled the world to survey it, and Carl Friedrich Gauß, who stayed at home to discover it through his calculations; about two entirely different ways to experience and understand the world; and about the one and only thing these two great minds had in common: insatiable curiosity.

dir: Detlev Buck
dop: Slawomir Idziak
stereographer: Andrzej Waluk, Lukasz Baka and Daniele Siragusano
stereo technician: Holger Seidel
prod: Boje Buck Produktion and Lotus Film
cast: Albrecht Schuch, Florian David Fitz, Karl Markovics, Katharina Thalbach, Sophie Rois, David Kross, Anna Unterberger, Georg Friedrich

„The three rigs we had on the film, were absolutely reliable, even under extreme conditions in the heat of jungle of Ecuador or the cold Winter of Austria/Germany. I really liked how fast they were aligned and setup. Otherwise we would have not been able to complete such a complex historical drama in only 31 shooting days.“
Slawomir Idziak, (DoP „Measuring the world“, „Harry Potter“, „Black Hawk Down“)

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