The Girl from Nagasaki

the girl from nagasaki

‚The Girl from Nagasaki‘ is a 3D feature film production of the classic Puccini opera ‚Madame Butterfly‘ directed by world renown photographer Michel Comte.
By a subtle meshing of reality and fantasy Michel Comte and his team will bring to the screen a visual orgy of modern ballet, opera and narrative filmmaking. Performed by an iconic cast, we are blessed to be joined by Polina Semionova, the world-renowned ballerina, in the role of Madame Butterfly’s alter-ego. In our rendering we present the compelling story of a beautiful and innocent woman’s love for a man whose narcissism ultimately leads to tragedy. Yet it is also an allegory for redemption; for in the moment of Madame Butterfly’s death we move beyond the concept of finality into the unknowable bliss of what could be. In so doing we recognize that life is experienced through a range of emotions only to be transcended, and thus surrendered to, when love is ultimately chosen above all else.

dir: Michel Comte
dop: Pierluigi Malavasi, Sebastian Cramer (Italy)
camera operator: Gian Maria Majorana
stereographer: Jens Wenzel
stereo technician: Holger Seidel
prod: M4 Films AG
cast: Ayako Yoshida, Christopher Lee, Michael Nyqvist, Anna Orso

Walter Schupfer Management


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