Agony ( aka Dazwischen)

dir: Stjepan Marina
dop: Moritz Anton
stereographer: Holger Seidel
rig technician:
Alexander Fehl
prod: CinePostproduction / Jens Fischer

On this short film – produced by Cinepost Production in Hamburg – i was working as a stereographer.

A very special stereo 3D project has been initiated by CinePostproduction Atlantik Film Hamburg. The twelve-minute mystery thriller „Dazwischen“ was shot on seven days of filming under the joint aegis of Jens Fischer and producer Katharina Rinderle. During this time the film team were able to test in practice the special requirements made of the dramaturgical narrative, pre-production and work on the set.

The director was CinePostproduction employee Stjepan Marina who was also responsible for the screenplay. Stjepan Marina has already collaborated in a number of short films and this is his first stereo 3D project. Karolin Peiter and Alexander Wüst starred in the main roles. „The film visualises an extreme human experience and for me its intensity could be put across most spectacularly in 3D,“ says Stjepan Marina.

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