Kraftwerk 3D Concert in Eindhoven

Screen Plane finished the shooting of the Kraftwerk 2013 concerts with the shows in Eindhoven in October.
Kraftwerk choosed the Evoluon as the location for these concerts.

The Evoluon is a conference centre and former science museum erected by the electronics and electrical company Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1966. Since its construction, it has become a landmark and a symbol for the city. The building designed by architect Louis Christiaan Kalff is unique due to its very futuristic design, resembling a landed flying saucer.


After filming the background 3D footage in 2011, Screen Plane shot a series of concerts in the Duesseldorf K20 Kunstsammlung and five concerts in London’s Tate Modern in the amazing Turbine Hall in the beginning of 2013.
The project was challenging because the concerts include a 3D projection thru the entire show, which had to be maintained during filming. It’s the first project we know of, filming 3D in 3D.

I was the stereographer on the Eindhoven Shows, we shot on Alexa cameras with Angenieux zoom 16-42 mm on the Production Rig.

dop: Sebastian Cramer
stereographer: Holger Seidel

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