Red Bull „The Flying Steps & Ryan Doyle“

client: Red Bull
prod / director: Peter Clausen Film
dop: Sebastian Cramer

I was working on this production as a Stereo Technician.
The project portraits the multiple world champions in break dance, the „Flying Steps“ and parcours artist Ryan Doyle.

Watch 2D or Stereo 3D Clip on Peter Clausen Film


It was shot in Nov. 2010 with two Production Rigs from Screen Plane. One was equipped with two Angenieux Rouge 16-42mm and Red Ones on a side mounted Supertechno 30.
The second Production Rig was used as a slow motion configuration with two Phantom Flex and Ultra Primes for shots between 300 and 1000 fps.

The entire project (9 min) was filmed in only 2 days. „This extremly fast pace in production speed was only possible by the use of zooms and the flexibility of the Supertechno 30“ says DoP Sebastian Cramer, „watersplashes at 300-1000 fps are just amazing“.

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