Stereo 3D

Measuring the World

Beside my work as a Cinematographer and documentary filmmaker i’m working for a couple of years as a Stereographer and Rig Technician with the Screen Plane Rigs.

SCREEN PLANE is a young start-up developing and providing equipment for 3D image acquisition.

The company was founded in 2009 by director/dop Sebastian Cramer, whose technical background includes the invention of the Academy®- and Emmy® Award winning Skater® Dolly and it‘s family of products.

Cramers partner in the development team of SCREEN PLANE is Jan Bernotat, whose background include the engineering and operation of motion control rigs as well as the production side of feature films and commercials.

A very important partner for SCREEN PLANE is cmotion which is currently incorporating the patent pending DPC®, H.I.T.CON and 3D-LOG functions into a 8-axis controller which will be fully integrated into our rigs.